The Marketing Agency Austin Uses for Promo Products

Each PromoShak client is provided with a team of project managers, interactive producers and designers to style each asset’s promo items strategically based on its individual market. We work closely with clients to ensure our products surpass their highest expectations for quality and design. We love what we do, and our proactive customer service will show you why clients use PromoShak year after year.

Walking Billboards

A promo item is a personal endorsement.

From the latest tech gadgets to classic red solo cups, fans, foam fingers, spirit towels and coffee mugs. You name it, if it’s free and unique people will take it.

Ordering and then handing out promo items lets your brand live on throughout the surrounding community. Every time a resident or prospect steps outside wearing your shirt, holding your water bottle or carrying your canvas bag, they are personally endorsing your property.

PromoShak provides a wide variety of promo items that expand the power of every marketing dollar and improving customer service with every promo product we ship.

  • Dedicated promotional product account team
  • Cross-communication with Account Strategists to ensure products fit your brand and your event
  • Customized kits for events of all kinds

Promo Items for Events

Why would a potential resident come to your table at an event, when they can go get free promo items at the competitor’s table next door? With PromoShak promo items, you can be the main attraction.

When you order through PromoShak, not only do you receive discounted promo items and a dedicated account manager, you also get to browse our massive inventory of promo products. Our team gets on the phones every day to find the latest promo items that will attract customers and let your brand shine. For your next event, make the competition wish they’d used PromoShak.

Give ‘em something to talk about. Order through PromoShak today.

Items for All Price Points

We’ve all picked up useless promo items before. When you get a promo item that you know you won’t use, it becomes more of a burden than a bonus.

Short-term promo swag is nice for attracting prospects to your table at events, but it doesn’t have that lasting value. Long-term swag on the other hand, will promote your brand long after the event is over and the prospective residents have gone home. That promo item—with your logo on it—will live on.

We have a full inventory of long-term promo items like tumblers, backpacks, speakers and more. Place an order today and show prospective residents that your brand is synonymous with luxury.

Promo products that your customers will actually use — available now at PromoShak


What form of advertisement could be more effective than getting prospects and residents to wear apparel with your name on it?

Promotional apparel is an affordable—especially at PromoShak—and attractive way to promote your brand. Whether you’re a student housing community passing out free t-shirts on campus or a hotel outfitting your employees with branded apparel, PromoShak can make your property look good on everybody.

Take a look around the PromoShak website and find some apparel you like. Then, give us a call to get your custom-designed apparel order started today.

Online Promo Portals

With our PromoShak portal, clients can request a quote, place an order and have us create private presentations or view online showrooms with various genres of promo products. PromoShak can even create an online company store where your employees or clients can order your branded promo products.

We’ll handle it all on our end so you just get fun, exciting promo products on your end. Call or Email PromoShak today so we can set you up.