Your brand is everything.



The brand is the keystone of any communications plan. All of our apartment marketing ideas use the brand as the foundation. Why trust such an important task with anyone but the experts?

Market Research

On-site market analysis is an integral step to our branding services. We always go the extra mile (or 500) to ensure we fully understand your specific property and market.

Our account managers and strategists routinely travel across the country to see properties in person, analyze your competition and asses your market.

Call or email Threshold today to get started. We’d love to send our experts to visit your community.

Developing the Brand – Naming

The first step in our property naming process is to collect all the information we can about your property, market and audience. Then, we begin condensing it down to single word or phrase that captures the essence of your property’s appeal.

We’ll sit down with your team to discuss your vision for the property name, then hash out concepts until we’ve found a number of naming options that not only set your property apart, but make it stick it in the minds of potential residents. You’ll then be given a full presentation of possible names and the rationale behind each one so you can make an informed decision.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter name that will get lost in the clutter. Let Threshold start your property off on the right foot with an effective, purposeful, memorable name.

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Developing the Brand – Tagline

A true re-brand requires a full examination of every single aspect of your property’s messaging and visuals.

Your tagline is a message, but it will accompany your logo visually and serve as your brand’s introduction on stationary and signage. In an age of limited attention spans and 140-character limits, taglines are more important than ever.

Your tagline, paired with your logo, is your introduction to prospective residents. Make a strong first impression by calling or emailing Threshold today.

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Developing the Brand – Logo

Does your new development need an identity? We’ll deliver a logo that will launch your brand with a bang. Rebranding an existing community? We can uncover the visual identity that will transform the community in the minds of residents and prospects.

We don’t design your logo for today, we design your logo for years to come. When our graphic designers begin working on a new logo, they consider both what is and what could be.

Your logo should reflect your property’s current attributes as well as your aspirations for the brand. When prospective residents see your logo, they should see a symbol that represents the life they want to lead. Logo design is a matter of projection, of imagining the possibilities that can emerge from one simple logo mark. We don’t do trendy marketing ideas for apartments, because trendy doesn’t last.

Get a logo you can be proud of! Call or email Threshold today to get started.

Property Signage

Signage is more than a logo and a property name.

Your sign is a wave hello. It’s a beacon in the night, It’s a nametag and an ID.

A property’s sign can be as simple as a decal on an awning or as impressive as a lighted monument sign next to your front gate. The bottom line is, your sign will be seen by thousands of people every day. When people think of your property, they’ll think of your sign.

Beyond your entrance, every piece of signage on your property should reflect your property’s strong brand. Threshold can outfit your property with a full package of signs, including parking signs, maps, directions and more.

Display signage that makes an impact. Call or email Threshold today to get started.


Strong brands are consistent across the board, from billboards to business cards. Threshold’s team of designers can turn every piece of stationary into a mini-advertisement for your company.

Partnering with Threshold for your stationary needs will ensure that every communication is built to impress. We don’t leave any details out. By paying close attention to the embossment, the colors and even the texture of the paper, we bring out your brand’s best attributes.

Your communication materials should be built to sell. Call or email Threshold today to get started.