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How can Threshold set your community apart?

The demand for creative residential marketing ideas for apartment communities is higher than ever in this saturated market. After all, the seven year luxury apartment boom may finally be ending. Differentiation is of the utmost importance when renters have so many choices in their housing search.

Gone are the days of setting up a website, putting balloons outside your leasing office and expecting foot traffic to roll in. Marketing apartments has become a year-round job.

In our extensive experience, we've found that apartment communities most often need help with their digital marketing, from strategy to implementation. When clients come to us, we're able to take over by crafting the digital messaging, design and strategy for campaigns that emphasize the primary differences between their property and the one down the road.

How can Threshold help your apartment marketing group achieve their goals?

Differentiation is as much about identifying a target audience as it is about having a unique marketing message. Here at Threshold, we work with many different residential industry clients, and as a result, we know how to create effective marketing collateral for many different audiences.

When you differentiate your property, you secure your place in the market for years to come.


  • We specialize in versatile marketing ideas for apartment complexes. It’s our opinion that an effective marketing campaign must target multiple demographics, break barriers and leave a lasting impression in the mind of prospects. We also know that even the most creative ideas are ineffective without the right timing and strategy. While reaching prospects during their housing search is vitally important, the most effective marketing is often that which reaches residents on a day-to-day basis.
  • Our digital team is well-versed in building Geotargeted ads with specific keywords that give you quality results, rather than a quantity of unwanted clicks. We'll help you stop wasting your dollars and start putting them towards a marketing campaign that reaches the prospects that are most likely to convert.
  • Our team spends every day designing fun, creative apartment marketing collateral that sets your property apart from the rest. Let Threshold take your marketing materials from ‘blah’ to ‘boom!’ in no time at all.


In apartment community marketing, the potential resident is also the decision maker. This creates issues when that person could be anywhere from 22 to 70 years old. Young professionals, empty-nesters and those in-between are seeking convenient housing solutions that don't require the commitment of owning a home. Marketing to Millennials is just as important as marketing to empty-nesters, and we often have to accomplish both using the same messaging, design and marketing collateral.

The first question we ask ourselves before starting any project is this: Why would a person sign a lease at this property? Once we have that answer, we work backwards from there. When you know why people sign leases, you can speak their language. When you speak their language, you're more likely to get results.

We can provide you with outreach marketing ideas for apartments that will appeal to prospects at the beginning of the sales funnel, before they even consider the competition’s offer.


Getting a prospect to ask for more information is a big win, but there is still plenty of work left to be done. We know that leasing agents are incredibly busy and often have to wear multiple hats, but we're here to relieve some of that stress.

Threshold can develop a custom prospect nurture campaign to help automate your digital traffic follow-up. Our HOLA (Handy Online Leasing Assistant) system prevents future prospects from slipping through the cracks, which means more signed leases, fewer lost leads and a boost to your bottom line.

Call or email Threshold today so we can start creating a customized marketing solution for your property.

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Working with Threshold is an inspiring pleasure! They're an innovative group focused on service and fresh ideas, customizing every project to meet the demands of the company, market and individual community. Their responsiveness is unparalleled and their approachability keeps us coming to them for the many needs of our diverse portfolio.

- Emily Austin, Director of Training & Leasing | Grand Campus Living